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Hi, I was wondering is there anyway to get a relative of mine

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Hi, I was wondering is there anyway to get a relative of mine to keep away from me. She has a history of violent & threatening behaviour especially when drinking. The worst is the slander. She will start shouting lies in the middle of a packed pub & no one can control her. She even turns on the landlord when he tries to remove her. She does it to all of our family. How can we make sure that when we go to an event or a night that she cannot approach us start. I have read about ASBO's in Ireland but I don't know will the other family members go with me to the Gardai. The most recent episode was 2 days ago but I managed to exit the bar before she started. She has since been barred from the premises.

Buachaill :

1. YOur remedy here is an injunction to prevent the harassment, either under the general law which makes harassment a civil wrong or tort, or else, under the 1997 Criminal (Non Fatal Offences) act, which makes harassment a crime and allows the court to impose exclusion orders on a person whereby this woman would be prohibited from coming with 200 metres of you. To get a civil law injunction, you should see a solicitor. To get a 1997 Act order, this lady would be needed to be convicted of the crime of harassment. Here you would have to make a complaint to the Gardai & have them handle the matter. This latter option is really only available where it is a serious matter which would merit a criminal conviction.

Buachaill :

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Thanks for the help, had searched everywhere but couldn't find the answers I needed until now.

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