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Hi, My best friend lives in Abu Dhabi. He took out a loan

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My best friend lives in Abu Dhabi. He took out a loan for a medical procedure. It cost about $60,000. Then he found out his job was unhappy with him and he might be fired. In the UAE, people that cannot pay their debts are put in prison, so he had no choice but to flee the country. Now he is getting calls from the bank saying they will place an alert on interpol and if he goes to another country, even if he is connecting via the airport, he will be detained and sent back to the UAE to go to prison.

My friend has tried to reason with them but they are convinced he is a con artist.

I have attempted to research the matter myself but there us not much information available.

What can the UAE government do? Can they have him detained in another country? Does he really have to live in fear of them.

Buachaill :

1. The recent case of Professor Karabus, the South African doctor who was detained for a long period in the UAE is a good example of what can happen to foreigners who fall foul of the UAE system. Here, whilst your friend will be detained in the UAE if he ever revisits there, he can also be detained and extradited to the UAE if your friend ever sets foot in another Arab country. So if your friend continues to owe this money, it will prevent him from ever doing business or having any contact with the Arab world. As regards XXXXX XXXXX countries, the effect on your friend will depend on the terms of the extradition treaty with the UAE. Whilst all EU countries & USA will not extradite to a country which allows imprisonment for debt, there are many other countries in the world which will allow extradition to the UAE, such as some Muslim countries. Accordingly, the best advice I can give your friend is to take out a loan in some Western country to pay off this $60,000 and owe the money to some sensible lender in a country which does not make failure to pay a debt, grounds for imprisonment.

Buachaill :

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perfect. thank you.

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