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Hello, I paid $1,200 US to a website designer living/working

Customer Question

I paid $1,200 US to a website designer living/working in Ireland for the construction of a website. I hired him specifically and I did so based upon amazing sample websites that he provided. I paid 1/2 up front and a short time after he complained about his tight cash situation so I paid him the rest. He has now been paid in full. The work product he has created is laughable in light of other work product that I relied upon in choosing to hire him. We have gotten into a heated email exchange, but all I am really looking for is either a refund or, in the alternative, a website that even just approximates the quality level of the sites that I relied upon in the first place. Can an attorney offer me any advice or actual assistance in resolving this matter to my (and his I guess) mutual satisfaction so we can part ways without me feeling like I was basically defrauded?
Thank you for your response.
- Ed
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Republic of Ireland Law
Expert:  José M. replied 4 years ago.

All the professional have responsability on their job and it has to be done properly
If he has not provide you a good finished job, taking base in the contract you got, you could hire a local attorney and demand him for the damages he has done it to your business

A local attorney will study the contract and the facts and will fight for your interest and demand him out and in court

I will be here if needed

Thank you