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Question about a testament

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My grandmother left me her car in her will. My uncle has the keys and the papers of the car and has also stated that seen as he's paid for services etc he is going to keep the car and give it to his daughter. I am now under the impression he will be taking the car since I'm in a different country and will not know that he's taken the car. By law what are my rights seeing as it was officially stated in my grandmothers will that I should get the car.

cmcsolicitor :

The executor of the Will should see that the keys are handed to you, and have the car transferred into your name. Who is the executor?


The same uncle. The solicitor has also told my uncle and my mother that the car could be just forgotton about (which doesn't seem very legal). The will states that any car my grandmother owns at the time of her death is left to me. The problem seems to be that since my uncle has paid for services and repairment after my grandmother got into an accident he sees it fit to take the car seen as he has had it valued at around 4 thousand and that's how much he's spent money on it. Is a cheque stub enough for him to ask for his money back? There is no legal document stating that upon sale of the car he would get his money back nor is there any document saying he has borrowed the money (to my grandmother) I'm looking at this from the point of being left something in a will and am trying to be conned out of what my grandmother left me.

cmcsolicitor :

The car is certainly yours by right. This is not affected by whether your uncle spent money on the car. I imagine that the most effective way to take possession of it will be to go there in person and get it.

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