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cmcsolicitor, Solicitor
Category: Republic of Ireland Law
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Experience:  and Mediator practicing in Cork, Ireland.
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If I will be granted for settlement Visa in ireland with 75000

Customer Question

If I will be granted for settlement Visa in ireland with 75000 Euro .. as I know I have to transfer this amount while I will be applying the Visa from my home country ...

after transfer this amount will I be able to use this amount in ireland or it will be kept in Ireland regulated govt...

or If they will hand over the money back to me ... can I transfer that amount Internationally easily ...please advice...
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Republic of Ireland Law
Expert:  cmcsolicitor replied 4 years ago.

cmcsolicitor :

You have to use the money for the purposes of starting a business, which you describe in the business plan that you submit as part of your application. The renewal of your residency permissions will depend on the continuation of that business as per the business plan. The idea is that you would create employment in Ireland.

JACUSTOMER-o6p2ax1b- :

I agree but I can use the money from other source but do I have to use the same money which I have transfred into ireland before I got my Immigration Visa of ireland.. what is the maximum duration I can be outside the country each year to keep and save my Immigration... ?

cmcsolicitor :

2. You have to show that you have the money, and describe exactly how you will use it. The question obviously arises, why wouldn't you use "the same money" that you identify in your application and business plan to actually realize your plan? Beyond that, as long as you can show that the investment actually took place as per the business plan, then your residency permission would be secure.

cmcsolicitor :

3. You will be granted a multiple entry visa so that you can come and go from Ireland. There is no minimum amount of days per year that you have to be in Ireland. The main criteria for renewal is that you will need to have a viable business up and running here at the end of the two years, in order to have your permission renewed.

cmcsolicitor :

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