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cmcsolicitor, Solicitor
Category: Republic of Ireland Law
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If I will be on Ireland Immigration 75000 Euro Investment Visa

Customer Question

If I will be on Ireland Immigration 75000 Euro Investment Visa as I know it will take 3 years to have Green Card and then I can move further.. is this the same scenario also for the Dependent .....Visa ..

How fast we can have the Green Card of ireland...

Can we apply Permanent Visa of UK some how after having Gren Card or before....kindly advice...
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Republic of Ireland Law
Expert:  cmcsolicitor replied 4 years ago.

cmcsolicitor :

To answer all of your questions: 1. The Department of Justice's guidance note regarding this scheme (the Start up Entrepreneur Programe") States that, "Where family members are granted residency under the Start-up Entrepreneur Programme, as long as the
applicant fulfils the criteria for residence status under the Programme, that
status will automatically be maintained on their spouse/partner and minor
children living in Ireland." This means that, if you maintain your residency by fulfilling the terms of the scheme, your dependent family members will be granted residency permissions on the same terms as you.

cmcsolicitor :

2. I am not sure what you mean by "Green card" - this term has a different meaning in Irish immigration policy than you may intend (it is a type of work permit here). Are you asking whether you will be granted long term or permanent residency?If so, then the answer is that there is no such thing in Irish law. The longest term of residency that is usually granted is for five years at a time. Long term residents who do not become citizens are usually required to renew their permission every five years.

cmcsolicitor :

3. The UK immigration regime is totally separate from the Irish one, and having permission here will not entitle you to any particular type of permission to migrate to the UK. You can apply for naturalisation as an Irish citizen after being a resident for five years, if you intend to continue to reside in Ireland. As a European citizen, you would then be entitled to exercise your right to live and work in any other European country.