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Hi Here goes I sent an abusive text and two letter to lady

Customer Question


Here goes I sent an abusive text and two letter to lady who I had a long relationship with after she texted me not to contact her. She had started an affair with a married man just to really get to me.. There are two sides to every story but I realize that does not matter in this case. I know she made a complaint to the Guards. I was not going to be silenced and controled by her and I took the chance to have my say (I don't regret it) as I was leaving Ireland soon after for a long period and it made no difference to me.


However I believe they could easily make a case for harassment against me with her statements, the letter and texts... .. There were no threats in the letters or no history of physical abuse between us and I have not been contacted by the Guards.. It would be very difficult for them to contact me other than by writing a letter and delivering it to my now unoccupied house . I have received no summons or any other legal notification.. My last contact with this person happened on the 7th of Feb 2013. What is the position with regard to possible proceedings being brought against me in my absence? If I return to Ireland what coarse could this follow.. Request to attend Garda station to make a statement? arrest warrant issued if I dont attend ? questioning, release, file sent to D.P.P. Prosecution or Not to prosecute decision, trial , barring order, compensation.. Will this be statute barred at some stage? I know the Garda will not be bothered but she will!!!

Basically she will push this if I return "Hell had no fury like a scorned woman" I dont intend to return other than for holidays and would like to know what to expect.. I won't give her the satisfaction of even getting me approched by the Garda so I need info

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Republic of Ireland Law
Expert:  Fran-mod replied 4 years ago.

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Expert:  cmcsolicitor replied 4 years ago.
1. You should ensure that you do not contact the woman ever again. If you have desisted from communications that you fear might be seen as harassment, then the Gardaí will be much less likely to issue proceedings.
2. A Summons could be posted to your address, so you should ensure that your mail is forwarded to you, so that you will be aware of what is happening.
3. If there is a prosecution on a harassment charge, then you should return to defend it. If you have desisted entirely from making any contact with the woman in question, then you would be in a strong position to defend yourself.