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hi about 9 years ago i foned my motor insurance company to

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hi about 9 years ago i foned my motor insurance company to temp transfer insurance to a diiferent vehicle.I was stopped by traffic core and later prosecuted for no insurance on the temp vehicle i was using as the company didnt effect the transfer. Luckily the judge believed me as i has fone records to proove the call to the insurance company. the judge demanded that the insurance company send a rep to court for the next court day to answer why they hadnt changed insurance. Isuffered greately viz.a viz worry re porspct of losing licence and i lost out on a family holiday which conincided with the second court case,have i a case for compensation? tru the insurance ombundsman or legal which is more suitable venue. thank you

1. AFter 9 years, your claim for compensation is long since statute barred by reason of the delay in making the claim. So you will not be able to sue the insurance company for any loss you have suffered. If you had brought the claim within 3 years of it occurring, you could have sued the insurance company for the loss and inconvenience you suffered as a result of their action. However, today, it is a non-runner.

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