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My partner and her children want to move to England and were

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My partner and her children want to move to England and were ordered to get a psychologists report.

The psychologists report has gone against them moving.

The psychologist saw my partner and the children, on the other side the psychologist saw the ex-husband and his partner. The psychologist said they had no need to see me.

As this is clearly a one sided situation do I have a case of misconduct against the psychologist? Can I sue them?
1. You would be foolish to sue the psychologist who carried out the report. Essentially, that will simply close the door on your partner's children ever moving to England as no court is ever going to grant an order that the children leave, when it is known that a previous psychologist who recommended the children remain in Ireland got sued. It simply shows that the person seeking their removal is not a proper and appropriate person. In essence you need to appear like someone the children should be with. Not go round suing anyone who suggests that you are not an appropriate person. Essentially, you will only be giving good grounds for the reasoning of the psychologist for holding it was not appropriate the children should be moved. Additionally, you will not be successful in suing the psychologist. Psychologists are rarely if ever successfully sued and certainly not where the psychologist is asked to express an opinion as to the suitability of one course or another. The professional opinion would have to be one that no professional psychologist examining the facts could properly hold. The only situation in which this would succeed is if the former husband was a child abuser or such like!!
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