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I refer to a previous answer you gave re an outstanding debt.

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I refer to a previous answer you gave re an outstanding debt. you said that the courts were piobneering a debt recovery service. i can find no sign of this at the debt owed to me is 2700 . i do not imagine it will be contested as they have never disputed the invoice and have paid half of it to date.
1. There is a Small Claims online system on the website. Here is a link to it
However, it only applies to claims for less than €2000. As your claim is for €2,700, it does not apply to it.
Your course of action then is to have District Court proceedings issued to recover the debt. You can do this yourself or you can employ a solicitor to do so.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I understand i can have district court proceedings issued, however how do i do this, and it is it common place or rare for an individual to issue proceedings. what steps must i take.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

i also checked that link as i have other smaller debts owing and it says debts are excluded.


2. It is not uncommon for a lay person to issue DC proceedings for the recovery of a debt because it is commercially un-viable to hire a solicitor to do this work. There are precedents in the back of the District Court Rules which are on the website. copy a summons here and get it issued. Alternatively and much more practical, you should go to your local District court office and speak to the District Court or County Registrar or someone who is helpful and get yourself a precedent which you can copy. then simply copy what is there and get it issued yourself. Keep in contact with this official and get further help from him or her to guide you as proceedings go forward.
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3. Debts arising from certain sources are covered. Read it again. Just not all debts are covered. I merely included the link so that you would know it was there but did NOT NOT apply to you.