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cmcsolicitor, Solicitor
Category: Republic of Ireland Law
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Experience:  and Mediator practicing in Cork, Ireland.
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i have mortgages with various banksto stop or slow down the

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i have mortgages with various banks
to stop or slow down the banks ability to repossess the properties can i set up a trust in my childrens names to own the property

cmcsolicitor : Doing that will not make any difference.
cmcsolicitor : There are provisions to ensure that any such attempt would be overturned because it was done to avoid a judgement.
cmcsolicitor : In addition, it would show extremely bad faith and it would put you on the back foot in coming before any judge.
cmcsolicitor : It would be much more effective to seek to deal with the banks in good faith. Attempts to repossess have been overturned where the banks have failed to treat people reasonably and according to the code of conduct for banks, which is here:
cmcsolicitor : In fact, not only would doing what you suggest not be effective, it would make a difference in fact, as attempting to evade a judgement rather than dealing with your situation in a reasonable way would put you at a significant disadvantage if the matter comes before a court.
cmcsolicitor : I realise that this may not have been the answer that you were hoping for, but I would caution you very strongly against doing what you suggest.
cmcsolicitor : Please rate my answer positively so that I will be paid.
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