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Im being charged €2700 in professional fees from the solicitor

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I'm being charged €2700 in professional fees from the solicitor who administered my mother's estate on her death.(Approx €210k) Added to this the other sundries, it totals €5100. This seems a lot, especially considering I was the only beneficiary. (Though there were UK accounts involved). Can I ask for an outline of the hours, as the final fee came in at exactly the same as the estimate, which she said would be 40-50 hours work (Again, it seemed a lot as I had contacted all companies and also provided all account numbers).

Buachaill :

1. Most certainly you can ask for a breakdown of the hours worked and what was involved in calculating the fees charged. In law, before a solicitor can sue you for their costs, they must provide you with an itemised bill setting out the amounts charged according to each heading and sub-heading. This itemised bill is not always provided at the outset, but if you request one or request an itemised bill, then one must be provided. Be aware that additionally, that if you believe the amount charged to be excessive, then you can make a complaint to the Law Society under the jurisdiction in relation to "excessive fees" under the 1994 Solicitors Amendment Act, whereby the Law Society will act as an independent adjudicator as to whether what was charged was appropriate. Go to the Law Society's website at where you will find details of this jurisdiction and how to invoke it.

Buachaill :

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