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Ronan, Solicitor
Category: Republic of Ireland Law
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Experience:  B. Corp Law, Ll.B. Dip Comm Prop. In general practice for more then 6 years
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technician in a factory, I believe I am being undermined

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I work as a technician in a factory, I believe I am being undermined by my boss. My boss started in this factory a couple of months after when I started. He previously worked in a factory where I worked. In actual fact he worked in a similar position as I had in that factory. In the factory where I now work my boss, boss started about a year after when my boss started. When my boss, boss started he was trying to find the ropes he used to regularly ask me about my job and was very helpful in getting equipment to help improve how things were done etc. I got the feeling that this was resented by my own boss. Eventually this all stopped and my boss, boss then would just solute and no more. Recently this all seemed to change and he now seems to completely ignore me. A couple of months back my boss questioned a job I had done and when I went to explain he walked off. Earlier that day my boss and his boss were working together overseeing the bringing in of a new machine and it is possible some discussion about me may have gone on. Since then my boss, boss has avoided me and ignored me, using his phone to avoid eye contact. I notice little things now where my boss tends to not ask my advice or opinion. All of this is now getting to me and I have no prospects of promotion in this company now. I am at my wits end and don't know what to do? Can you offer any advice?Should I talk to my boss, Boss or HR? or could this only make things worse with my boss? 

Bullying at work is defined as “repeated inappropriate behaviour, direct or indirect, whether verbal, physical or otherwise, conducted by one or more persons against another or others, at the place of work and/or in the course of employment, which could reasonably be regarded as undermining the individual’s right to dignity at work”.

An isolated incident of the behaviour in this definition may be an affront to dignity but as a once-off incident is not considered to be bullying.

What you have outlined made come within this definition.

There is an obligation on your employers to ensure this type of behaviour is prevented but they must be made aware of it. That is to say you must make a formal complaint and afford your employer an opportunity t deal with it

Employers are required to take steps to ensure a work environment free from harassment and bullying. The procedures to deal with an alleged incidents must be outlined. These procedures and the penalties that may be imposed should harassment or bullying take place, should be defined in a policy and be communicated to all employees. This will generally be contained in the disciplinary procedure or grievance procedure

If they failed to deal with it correctly and you have exhausted all internal avenues open to you. It is open to you to both sue your employer under the health, welfare and safety at work legislation and also to report the matter to the Health and Safety Authority
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Ronan, I am not aware of the company bulling policy. Is it law that the company bullying policy should be available to all employees? I know I am been bullied but it is difficult to deal with without making things worse.

They don't necessarily have to have a bullying policy per se but they must deal appropriately with complaints of bully when made. You have to make your employer aware of the the bullying and afford them an opportunity to deal with it. Otherwise you will have no substantive case against them
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