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My son was insured with Admiral and had a car accident in late

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My son was insured with Admiral and had a car accident in late 2011. He informed Admiral of the accident but decided not to make a claim for the damage to his car, as it was so minor. However, the other party made a claim against my son’s insurance which Admiral said they were dealing with.

About 10 months later my son received a letter from a firm of solicitors, acting for the other party, enclosing court papers suing my son for damages. My son telephoned Admiral, who told him to send everything to them and that they would deal with it. Somewhere in my distant memory I recall him saying that Admiral said there was no problem because the other party were insured by Admiral too. He sent the papers through to Admiral and that was the last we heard of it until today. My son telephoned me this morning in a panic and told me that he had received, in the post, a General Form of Order or Judgement from the Birkenhead County Court ordering the following:

1. The Defendant do pay the Claimant’s costs of claim and action by detailed assessment or agreement;
2. The Detailed Assessment proceedings shall be commenced in the Claimant’s or Claimant’s solicitors court.

The Order is dated 9 April 2013.

What can we do about this? He is no longer insured with Admiral, although he is insured through one of the Admiral Group of Companies. Should we write to the Court? Should we contact Admiral and ask them what is going on and why they do not appear to have done anything with this claim? My son has no money to pay out on this Claim and what on earth do you have car insurance for but to pay out when an accident occurs?
This is nothing to panic about and is essentially just an assessment of the loss and injuries suffered by the claimant. Once this has been assessed your son s insurance company at the time of the accident ie admiral will deal with payment of the assessment.

you should contact admiral and advise them you have received this and ask who you need to forward it to. Your son has to be the named defendant in the matter and proceedings have to be served on him. However his insurance company will deal with matters. What has occurred, is standard practice and nothing to worry about
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