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I had a solicitor handling my legal matters,unfortunately,

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I had a solicitor handling my legal matters,unfortunately, he was struck off the Registar,on the grounds of dishonesty. He has passed on my case files to his
brother, who is also a solicitor but with a different practise. My new solicitor has failed to answer dozens of phone calls to his office over a 4 month period now.
He also ignored an email i sent to him.
Of two substantial cases which he agreed to handle on my behalf, one is extremely
urgent, as it is Statute barred very soon,because of the 3 year rule to begin legal proceedings. I have met and briefed this solicitor a number of times.
What steps can i take to get him to either confirm to me that he is going to
meet this legal deadline, or alternatively to confirm that he is not going to
perform the work for me, or alternatively, to hand over all files and papers
to me so that i can try and get another solicitor to act for me.

Buachaill :

1. At the outset, you do not seem to be having any luck with the solicitor members of this family. I would simply advise you to go to another solicitor and brief that solicitor on the matter you wish to have proceedings issued in. This new solicitor can request the file from the solicitor you have briefed. In any event, this new solicitor will be able to issue a holding writ within the three year time limit so that your cause of action is not prejudiced. The important point is that proceedings be issued. Strictly speaking, whilst your file is necessary for this to be done correctly, it is not essential for a writ to be issued. At this point in time, you would be foolish to simply wait for this brother to do the work, when he cannot even find the time to reply to your phone calls. Get a new solicitor to do the work and move on with your life!

Buachaill :

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for your reply and good advice. I am also helping my friends who had also used this debarred solicitor, but they didn't use his brother's legal services, thank god, it relates to purchase of building land,

I will inform them of your legal services, which i think could be helpful to them also from time to time.

I will be the point of contact for the above.


One last thing, in case i clicked the wrong button here, i haven't signed on,not at this point, for any ongoing monthly legal services package.

2. Thank you. Additionally, you do not seem to have been registered for any Subscription service. But if you find that you have, the contact Customer Service and put a stop to it.