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Category: Republic of Ireland Law
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My mother (who lives in England) was left a 50% share in a

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My mother (who lives in England) was left a 50% share in a property in Ireland from her step brother. The house was valued approx 4/5 years ago at 150,000 Euros and her other step brother has recently sold the property for 15,000 Euros as the market has been hit. Although my Mother has never recieved a penny she has recieved a letter from the Irish Office of the Revenue Commisioners asking for 3,999 Euros inheritance tax.
Does she have to pay this, and she is in her 70's with no savings so what can they do to chase this money?
If the property was sold for 15,000.00 there should be no CAT liability for your mother. Something is a miss here and you should chase the matter up with the executor of estate. You should also take up the grant of probate and inland revenue affidavit from the probate office to see if this will cast some light on matters
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX wanted to make clear my mothers step brother died in 2008 and the solicitor (exceutor of the will) is saying that because it was valued at 150,000 back then, that they are liable for all of this CAT now.

Yes, I appreciate that. That said if she was inheriting the 50% of a150,000 euro property,she would receive 52,000.00 exemption as a group B beneficiary in 2008. CAT should be applied to that at 20% 2008 rate. Creating a tax liability of €4,600. This doesn t add up either. Where there is a small gap between the inheritance and exemption usually the debts and costs of administration of estate bridge the gap to avoid a liability. The fact your mother was never furnished with these funds is also worrying. You need to look at the papers that were filed, which are now a matter of public record
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