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Alex Reese
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Category: Intellectual Property Law
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We were told that we have infringed on the copy right laws

Customer Question

We were told that we have infringed on the copy right laws for posting a picture not licensed to us in our web site. They say it was on our site 10/8/15. I've see a small picture of the web page and none of the pictures on the page are ours only or logo shown on the page is ours. We feel our logo was used to create this situation so this "Company" can collect a $740.00 fine. How can I prove this is not our site?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Intellectual Property Law
Expert:  Alex Reese replied 1 year ago.
hello. You should respond by saying that you respect IP rights and do not use any unauthorized materials. Tell them you have reviewed your site and not found any unauthorized material. Also ask them to identify the material they claim is their copyrighted material, and where it is used on your site. At this point you do not need to prove anything, the burden is on them and they apparently have not even provided the basic information and may be trying to scam you. Your response will shut them up if they are scammers. You could also ignore them if you are confident you have not used any unauthorized images etc. but no harm in responding and denying their claims.

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