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I am thinking of writing children's e-book and developing a

Customer Question

I am thinking of writing children's e-book and developing a website that would be used to download the book. Further more, the book can be developed into a series of multiple books. I also thought of having access to interactive games from the website that children can play that involve the theme. I have a 'mascot' that would be one of the main characters in the books. I am currently speaking to a IT tech to pitch the idea to him. I do not wish to put these books into paper bound at the moment. I would like to keep these books on internet only basis and promoted by social media. If I see a demand for paper bound, then I will explore that possibility in the future. One of my questions is, do I have to use another website to promote the books, example Amazon, Barns & Noble, etc.? Second, am I required to insure the website or books? Third, do I have to find an editor or can I just develop this book or books and interactive games on the website? Fourth, I would like to charge a small fee to download the books, but the interactive games would be free. Fifth, I would be willing to allow advertising on the website as long as it is appropriate and the child would not be redirected off the page if they click on the website. Sixth, I would like to copy write this idea, so eventually I would like to find out those steps. The first book has not yet been written, but the idea is based off of my husband's imagination when he was a child.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Intellectual Property Law
Expert:  Alex Reese replied 1 year ago.

hello. There is nothing wrong with any of the items you propose in 1-5, you do not need to promote on a separate website (but more exposure helps), insurance is not required, an editor is not required, nothing wrong with charging a fee, and you can sign up for advertising that is child-friendly. These are business decisions rather than legal issues or requirements. As to the copyright question....copyright does not protect "ideas" (there is no way to protect ideas or concepts), it only provides original & creative works fixed in a tangible medium, so you can copyright specific artwork, drawings, text, photos etc. but not the idea or website as a whole (although you can submit screenshots to the copyright office). See Although copyrighting is fairly easy and can be done for about $40 per work online, you may need some attorney consultation to figure out the best approach for protection. You can also trademark the name of the website (or logos/mascots), which is another aspect you will need an IP attorney's expertise costs about $1000 (including govt. fees) to have a federal TM application file.