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Thomas Swartz
Thomas Swartz, Lawyer
Category: Intellectual Property Law
Satisfied Customers: 3155
Experience:  Twenty one years experience as a lawyer in New York and New Jersey. Former Appellate Law Clerk.
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well i am in the process of making some gospel dvds first

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well i am in the process of making some gospel dvd's first of all i will get them copy write can i sell them after they are copy or do i need to do more

Yes, you can sell them after you register your copyright with the U.S. Copyright Office. In fact you can sell them before you register your copyright. Copyright does not affect your ability to sell. Copyright actually comes into existence once you create something in a physical form such as a dvd. Registration of a copyright gives you the ability to enforce your copyright in court as well as provide notice to the world of your ownership of the copyright. In addition, while it is no longer technically required, it is wise to put a copyright notice on all dvds you sell just so people don't get the idea that they can copy your dvds.

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