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I have a product that a friend and I have made and we use it

Customer Question

I have a product that a friend and I have made and we use it every day at work to save time and labor. How do we go about getting started to a patend with out getting our idea stolen, What are the first steps before contacting a patend Attorney
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Intellectual Property Law
Expert:  Roger replied 4 years ago.

Kirk Adams : Hi - my name is Kirk and I'm an Intellectual Property litigation attorney. Thanks for your question. I'll be glad to assist you tonight.
Kirk Adams : Under US Patent laws, you have up to 1 year from public disclosure to apply for a patent. Here's a good link that discusses this issue:
Kirk Adams : However, to protect your invention from the time of disclosure to potential investors or manufacturers, you should consider having anyone you discuss this with to sign a nondisclosure agreement.
Kirk Adams : This agreement states that you are sharing intellectual property and that the person with whom you are sharing agrees not to disclose the information with another person and that the person will not use the information for his/her own purpose without your consent or permission.
Kirk Adams : Here's a link to a sample nondisclosure agreement:
Kirk Adams : There are certainly other forms and variations, but as long as you have something like this, you are protected.
Kirk Adams : You can try to market your idea and see if you can get an investor or a manufacturer to help develop your product - - including helping fund the patent application.
Customer :

ok, you sent me a link for Tennessee but are all the states laws the same

Kirk Adams : Yes - patent law is federal law, so it's the same anywhere.
Kirk Adams : The link was just an article from the University of Tennessee.
Kirk Adams : Here's a link from the US Patent and Trademark Office that provides the same/similar information:
Kirk Adams : Hi - I see you rated my response as "Poor". Is there something you asked that I missed, or was the rating a mistake? Thanks.