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Hi,I intend to file an application for registration of the

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I intend to file an application for registration of the logo of my brand which I am using.It is in black background with the design in turquoise.Do i upload the image as it is in the application or should I upload in black and white.What are the pros and cons and can you give me a USPTO link where this information is????



Just to be sure, you are asking about registering your logo as a trademark? Make sure you want that and not a copyright. If so, yes, you need to do the right colors, forms, and where you are going to use that mark etc, which is part of the trademark. For instance, did you ever see the McDonald "arches" in anything but yellow? Of course not, that's part of the entire package. DANGEROUS URL REMOVED


There is where your basics are, but I'm not sure it mentions color, but it is a "must".


What else can I help you with?





dkennedy and other Intellectual Property Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The url didnt open.I have already registered a brand name ,now I need to register as logo to go with the brand in all my products.What is the difference between trademark and copyright.The idea is to not allow anyone else to use my logo.

A copyright is to register written or other created things such as songs, books, software programs,etc. A trademark is a name or a logo that identifies a brand, such as IHOP, McDonalds, the arches of McDonalds, the face and design which is Starbucks logo, etc. so that it is yours alone and recognizable. I could not open a restaurant and use the arches or the same Starbucks logo, or make a cereal with that "K" which means Kelloggs--things like that.
dkennedy and other Intellectual Property Law Specialists are ready to help you
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