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The kinds of statements my client is concerned about in her

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The kinds of statements my client is concerned about in her book look very, very mild to me. Would like your opinion. Here is a sample:

This woman was sued by her ex-husband successfully for a large amount

When I returned home, my husband was unhappy with my ambitious goals and dreams.

My husband became even more distant, and I never felt accepted or loved for who I was.

I was angry I had allowed my father’s criticism and my husband’s lack of interest in me to take me to a place of self-defeat.

The emotional distance between my husband and I already felt like we were a thousand miles apart before he even left, and the actual physical distance only sped up the inevitable. Our nineteen-year marriage slowly started to crumble.
I do not see anything defamatory in those statements.

I hope this information is helpful.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.