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I wish to use the names of ancient mythological figures, places,

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I wish to use the names of ancient mythological figures, places, etc. to name the characters, nations, and places in my board game that I plan to publish. The characters themselves are loosely or not related at all to the mythology they are based on.

Some of these names are XXXXX XXXXX used regularly in movies, games, and books.

One such name id like to use to name a nation of feudal knights and peasants in my game is "Vulcan" after the roman god of fire. Now "Vulcan" is also a termed used in the Star Trek franchise and represents an alien race of people as well as the planet they reside from.

Can I use this term or will I be infringing?


My answer is Yes, you can use the word Vulcan as you propose. A single word is not subject to copyright, and a game of feudal knights has zero likelihood of confusion with the Star Trek series, which was set in the future.

I hope this information is helpful.
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