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I am getting ready to file an inter parte reexamination with

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I am getting ready to file an inter parte reexamination with the USPTO and before I file I am sending the patents in question along with the prior art to the party that I am challenging along with a letter stating such and ask them if they want to talk before I file it feel free to call me regarding same.

Would I have more credibility using a lawyer to send letter and documents? If so, what would it cost for the attorney to put their name on the letter? The patent belongs to automotive co.

Hi - my name is XXXXX XXXXX I'm an Intellectual Property litigation attorney. Thanks for your question.

Having an attorney do this for you will be more meaningful to the recipient because they will know that you're serious and that you have engaged an attorney are are ready to proceed if they don't try to resolve your issue short of formal litigation with the USPTO - - which can be very expensive. In other words, a letter from an attorney will be taken much more seriously than a letter from yourself.

As far as costs, a letter should not be very expensive - - especially if you have done most of the footwork in gathering information and content for the letter. So, you should expect a letter to maybe run a few hundred dollars (which would include some time for reviewing your documents, etc.).

Hi Mike -

Unfortunately, we're not allowed to take on clients through this website. Instead, we can only provide you with information and law regarding your legal issue.

So basically, I can answer questions you may have, but I can't actually represent you.

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