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Hi, I need advise in regards XXXXX XXXXX law. I have a B.S.

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I need advise in regards XXXXX XXXXX law. I have a B.S. in Biology and will complete my JD in the next year and a half. I have been working as a Clinical Scientist for several large companies including Merck and Pfizer to name a few (8 years total). My company has agreed to pay for my Masters degree. I am trying to decide between a Masters in pharmacology and a masters in biotechnology. Which one would provide me with the best job prospects?

Alex Reese :


Alex Reese :

I don't believe there will be a considerable difference in benefit between the two, but I would go with the program that had more hard science courses/focus as opposed to softer/industry focus. Most bio patents will focus on structural and reactional properties as opposed to their affects on the body or physiology. So I would go with the Biotechnology degree on the assumption that it has more focus on the structure/synthesis/reactions. On the other hand, the Pharma degree would give you a better understanding on the industry/business side, but for patent work I would go with biotech.

Alex Reese :

let me know if you need more clarification or have a follow up question


Thanks Alex. That is what I was thinking. There seems to be a concentrated effort within the pharmaceutical industry to start their own biotech endeavors as well. The Pharmacology is strictly based on the affects of the different drug classes on the various body systems. While there is attention given to the mechanism of action, this is very limited. The biotech degree is with John Hopkins as well. A more notable name. Thanks again.

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