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Kendell Kelly, Esq
Kendell Kelly, Esq, Lawyer
Category: Intellectual Property Law
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Experience:  Lawyer practicing in all areas of intellectual property, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and new media.
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Hello I am a business owner in the down town area of Milwaukee

Customer Question

Hello I am a business owner in the down town area of Milwaukee I have a auto repair shop their and have worked hard at improving the building and the business. My question is who can I complain to about the milw police service I really don't get. The reason I say this because lately I have car windows broken and customers belongings stolen out of their cars. I have made reports but it feels useless the police tell me the customer has to do it even though its my business this is happening to.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Intellectual Property Law
Expert:  Kendell Kelly, Esq replied 4 years ago.



Opps!! I didn't mean to send that yet!!


Hello There!!! I am happy to help, but will need to know a bit more about exactly where you are located to help you find the proper resources.

Customer : I am in milw Wisconsin 3rd district is the police station I have to call. I have talked with my aldermans office and am told to do a fence and lighting. I plan to do this as soon as I can. But I do believe the police should still be albe to help the public and a business in their own city.
Customer : I never received the answers
Customer : I can't rate anything when I don't get a response thanks
Customer : I never received a answer I told you this. All I did get was oops didn't mean to send this to you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
You didn't answer anything I told you this before stop asking me to rate you