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Thanks for your time for this service. I recently posted a

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Thanks for your time for this service.
I recently posted a clip from my own home movie on youtube, which I doubt will ever get more than a few hundred hits. My mistake was that a song was playing in the background - its an oldie, but recognizable. YouTube allowed the posting, but informed me of the potential copyright infringement. Their email further stated that I need to take no action unless the owner raises an objection. They informed me that the owner is UMPG. I am willing to pay a modest amount for permission to use the song, but I don't know how to go about this.
I have the following questions:
1. What is the limit of my liability?
2. Should I immediately pull the posting and repost it without audio?
3. Am I at risk for the short period the video was online, even after I rescind it?
4. What is the typical process for obtaining permission to use copyright songs on the internet?
Thank you for your service. JohnG

Why would you want to mess with this? You should take the video down and not leave yourself exposed to legal troubles in the future. Using someone else's music is not allowed, and there is no easy way to buy permission for this sort of thing as an amateur. Take it down, remove the song, then repost. That minimizes your risk tremendously.

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Just saw your other question. There are a lot of different things we see on YouTube. A lot is just wrong. People say things like "no copyright infringement intended" (whatever that means) and then clearly post music they have no right to post. For some music, the music companies are allowing it to stay, so long as YouTube links to iTunes and Amazon for people to buy the music if they like it. But all these rules are murky, many are not publicly explained, and a lot of what's there is not legal. For you, why take the risk of getting involved in all this? There's no point in playing with fire needlessly.

Good luck.