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JustAnswer is the leading expert help site, with over 16 million questions answered since 2003. Your customers can chat directly with doctors, lawyers, mechanics, and more in minutes, 24/7. Check out JustAnswer.

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Payouts range from $5 - $15 per sale*. With our high-converting chat assistant, you could earn thousands per month!​

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Our top-performing chat widgets

Your customers will love our friendly "live" chat assistant. It uses AI to engage visitors with a personalized conversation, quickly connecting them to doctors, lawyers, vets, and more.

Expanded chat assistant

Expanded chat assistant

Our top-performer draws attention with an overlay display and auto-triggers after 15 seconds. Multiple sizes. (Complies with latest Google mobile requirements.)

Subtle chat assistant

Subtle chat assistant

A chat teaser anchored to bottom right of screen, manually triggered to expand into the pop-up chat assistant.​ (Complies with latest Google mobile requirements.)​

Lightbox chat assistant

Lightbox chat assistant

Our newest widget requires a user action with a full-screen lightbox takeover.​ (Complies with latest Google mobile requirements.) Only available for legal, medical and vet categories.

Fixed chat assistant

Fixed chat assistant

This fixed-width widget delivers the same interactive chat experience and fits well into various page layouts. Multiple sizes.

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What they're saying about us

Legal Opinion Regarding Mexican Immigration

"I contacted Just Answer about a critical question I had about residency status for a U.S. citizen in Mexico... the lawyer referred me to which is its Mexican counterpart. There I was about to get counsel from a Mexican attorney IN Mexico. That's great service!"


Quick service

" ...My question was answered quickly and gave enough information to give my husband peace of mind. If the need arises again, I will use your service again!"


Fast and great service

"I was shocked at how quickly my question was answered. Although it wasn't the answer I wanted I was grateful for the accurate information. When dealing with matters of Law is always a good idea to get the right answer even if it's not what you want to hear. The staff made sure I did what was right and for that I'm thankful. GREAT JOB!!!"

Dan Tamewitz

I wish I had made this connection before I took my cat to the vet!

"The response to my questions was immediate and the phone consultation with Dr. Lori allowed me to have all my questions answered. Going forward, I knew what course to take concerning my cat's health, and felt much more confident in her explanation than I did the vet that I had taken my cat to previously. I wholeheartedly recommend Just Answer if you don't know where to turn or what to ask. Dr. Lori was very knowledgeable and kind. Thank you."

Gail P.

Heat & Air Question

"I had a simple question about setting thermostats on a fairly new heat pump. My question was answered promptly & has solved my issue. Your service saved me a good bit by not having to pay a service charge."

Phyllis Macgowen

More than pleased

"I received almost immediate answers to my concerns Re: my young cat. Information was excellent, courteous, solved my problem with a few timely questions and answers. Would not hesitate to use them again."

Pat Pasciuto

A Revolution in Accessing Quality Professional Help

"I used to be frustrated when I needed a legal opinion. I'd have to make an appointment, wait several days and then pay a ton of money for a simple question. With JustAnswer I get to speak with a highly knowledgeable attorney for a fee that I can afford. There's nothing else like it."


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