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My tire pressure monitor light is on, what do I do?

Why is my “check engine” light on?

When do I need to replace my timing belt?

I have a grinding noise when I apply my breaks, what could cause that?

My mechanic quoted me a price for repairs. Is it reasonable?

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"I love being an "expert" on JustAnswer. I love being able to help a customer with an automotive issue that helps them save money, confirms a diagnosis, solves an issue no one else has been able to, or just provide them with my experience and knowledge to help them get their cars back in normal operating condition.

If I casually do it, I make $1,500. If I barrel down and do just Mercedes with a few other brands, I can make average $100 a day. The highest I hit was staying home for a month and did only weekdays, it was $5,800 for the month."

Lou – Illinois

"For me there is more to being an expert than just a financial benefit. It allows me to use my years of training and experience to give back to others and help them save money. It also keeps my troubleshooting skills sharp and exposes me to different issues that I may run across in my own shop."

Kris – South Carolina

"I have over 20 years experience in the RV field and over 10 years helping RV owners on Just Answer with all types of issues related to RV troubleshooting repairs. My goal is to point the customer in the right direction in a basic way they can understand. I have worked for several major RV companies, have chassis, appliance and knowledge of ALL systems.

My experience as a RV expert has been very positive and rewarding. I love helping customers on the site."

Robert – Oregon