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Curtis B.
Curtis B., Technician
Category: Industrial Equipment
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Experience:  Technican turned service manager on multiple lines of equipment used in industry.
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I got Generac 3100PSI pressure washer from neighbor he said

Customer Question

I got Generac 3100PSI pressure washer from neighbor he said it was running for 5 min and then stall. When I got it the Oil in crankcase was mixed with Fuel. I drained that and cleaned everything. Took Carburetor apart and cleaned it accidentally took Governor? bracket off too so I need to readjust it as it dies when put on Turtle mode or move Choke level to full. The problem now is that the engine runs at full throttle just fine I can let it run all day. As soon I squeeze the Trigger on sprayer it will stall.
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Industrial Equipment
Expert:  Curtis B. replied 10 months ago.

Hello! Let's see if we can can work together to get to the root of your question!

Expert:  Curtis B. replied 10 months ago.

I would revisit the the carburetor and the fuel supply from the tank..What I gather from you, the engine gets plenty of fuel to run at no load, but as soon as the trigger is pulled, and you need more power/fuel, it stalls from lack of fuel! The needle valve and float may need adjustment, or the passage may be restricted. If the needle valve is an all metal needle, it will have a rubber seat in the upper needle valve passage and be swelled up , restricting fuel from the tank to the bowl!

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
I will take another look, What about the unloader valve could that be issue there too ?
Expert:  Curtis B. replied 10 months ago.

Unloader can cause problems, but engine has to be capable of carrying the load!

Expert:  Curtis B. replied 9 months ago.

I see question is still open, did you find problem?