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Get off the couch, I'm back! 2004 ram with 305hp cummins. It

Customer Question

Get off the couch, I'm back!
2004 ram with 305hp cummins. It has compound turbos. Stock one and a 63mm, head studs, Stock intercooler, 100hp injectors, aire dawg fuel pump (lift), Stock fuel pump with performance kit in it. Dyno'd at 600hp.
The other night I dialed my Edge to "hot" to see what boost it would make. It hit 60psi and I heard a pop. Thought I had blown a boot nope. After that, it would still made boost 58-60psi, but the engine sounded a little different and soon after the pop it heated up and lost coolant (where from?, IDK). Bonus is I have it recorded on my phone, I'll try to get it to you. Where do think I should start.
Thank You
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Industrial Equipment
Expert:  Wayne replied 1 year ago.

Hi I'm Wayne

I will help you with this

Morning Ray

I was down with the Flu

how much coolant did you loose,

how hot did it get , did it come from 1 side or all over

let me know

Customer: replied 1 year ago.

I just drained the remaining coolant and it had a little over 3 gallons left in it.

It to 215-220. It did not seem to be coming from the overflow. I had assumed the fan blew it everywhere. Coolant is on the front top and front bottom of engine. Now the POP, sounded like it came from the turbo area. I am inspecting hoses now. I hope to find something definite.

When I loosened the radiator cap today, it had pressure (psssht) still from 3-4 days ago.


Expert:  Wayne replied 1 year ago.

Thank you Ray for that

Ok, I am going to say , check the Turbo hose very well for loose,cracks

This is what happens when update Hp goes in with chips,

they never tell you that ..........

My thought , My Thought , is when it hit so high of Turbo Boost

that engine was at Peak RPM, and coolant, the pop you may have heard was the Rad Cap

releasing pressure , that is a good sign it held pressure for couple days

I believe it has a 7-9 Lb Cap, switch it to a 11 lb cap

and all new clamps on the Turbo Ducts and hoses

Hi if this helped you

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