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Curtis B., Technician
Category: Industrial Equipment
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Experience:  Technican turned service manager on multiple lines of equipment used in industry.
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I have a 844c-42 highlander lull forklift when I apply the

Customer Question

i have a 844c-42 highlander lull forklift when I apply the brakes the low brake presher lite on the dash comes on and the buzzer sounds and braking is delayed then the brakes grab
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Industrial Equipment
Expert:  dieseldan55 replied 2 years ago.
You possibly have a bad brake accumulator and can either replace or have someone with the right tools recharge it if it is fitted with a shrader valve. Some accumulators are just pre-charged. If the accumulator is low then when you step on the brakes it will fill the void the gas is normally at and thus cause the brake light to illuminate because of the pressure drop. then once filled it will push out the pistons on the wheels and thus braking begins. Checking system pressure is advisable as well and the other possibility is air in the lines or worn disc in the housings. SO bleed the system through the bleeders at each wheel just to be sure.