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Curtis B.
Curtis B., Technician
Category: Industrial Equipment
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Experience:  Technican turned service manager on multiple lines of equipment used in industry.
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Haulotte Compact 2032ERecently bought at auction. (Everything

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Haulotte Compact 2032E

Recently bought at auction. (Everything worked fine there)
Last job it started having trouble driving (lurching, sometimes wouldn't drive at all.)
"Fixed itself" (I speculated the wet weather we had at the time was causing some sort of problem but didnt have time to check anything out on it.)

Weather has dried up and it was working fine this morning. Now it will not raise. Everything else seems to work fine. Cleaned corrosion off of battery terminals and toggled the micro switches I could reach with the lift lowered. All the way down. Need help


Curtis B. :

Battery charger working ok? Batteries charged? Do you have a voltmeter to check each battery for its proper voltage?

Curtis B. :

This is 24 volts system with 4, 6 volt batteries? You say it won't raise? Do you here the main motor solenoid close?

Curtis B. :

It won't raise from lower control or upper? Will it still drive?

Customer: Yes it still drives. No I do not currently have a way to check each battery. (On job site a couple hours from home.)
Customer: i can hear a solenoid sound when I turn it on (pull kill button)
Customer: It beeps when I move controls to the lower lift position.
Customer: Will not raise from either upper or lower controls.
Customer: I am not sure if it is the main selonoid I am hearing close.
Customer: Judging by how strong it drives I believe the battery charger is working and the charge is good.
Curtis B. :

I assume it steers?

Customer: Yes it steers and drives fine. Just will not raise.
Curtis B. :

Pump motor should run lift and steer and likely drive. So pump , motor and solenoid should be good.

Customer: That was my guess too. I was thinking a control solenoid or micro switch malfunction.
Customer: Lou this might help. On the upper control box the hazard light triangle flashes.
Curtis B. :

With just lift not working, the lift solenoid may have bad connection or bad coil. See if you can locate the lift solenoid, and swap coil from one of the other functions.

Curtis B. :

With it not having control from lower or upper, it is not likely a switch.

Curtis B. :

Locate the level switch, and see if it is working.

Customer: Do you have any diagram or pics of what I'm looking for that you could send me? I am fairly good mechanically but kinda weak electrically.
Curtis B. :

Level switch would keep it from lifting.

Curtis B. :

The Haulotte is not one I have. Genie and JLG have on line manuals., but not this.

Customer: Shucks. Any description of what I would look like or how to check and know if its working or not.
Customer: I wont be able to do any checking until I get back to job in the morning.
Curtis B. :

Full Size Image

Curtis B. :

Tilt sensor will look like this

Customer: How do I check it?
Curtis B. :

Look for led lights to be lit. Look for loose connections or obvious damage.

Customer: Any idea about where it wild he located? As in do I need to use a forklift to raise the platform (would that be safe or damaging)? Or do I need to try and find a access panel?
Curtis B. :

Tilt sensor is in the lower main section, look behind the battery charger and the lower control panel.

Curtis B. :

Raising the platform will not help. And is not advisable.

Curtis B. :

I think you have lift valve problem or tilt sensor problem. And with it working intermittently, thinking bad connection.

Customer: Thank you. That is all the questions I can think of for now. At least until I can check it out first thing in the morning.
Customer: Does it help to know that it was a driving problem last week and a lifting problem this week?
Curtis B. :

I will leave link in your email to get back to here. But I will be out most of the middle of the day tommorrow, have dr appt.

Curtis B. :

Did you leave it on charge this evening?

Customer: Yes I left it charging
Curtis B. :

Good , a good overnight charge can make a big difference. Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX

Curtis B. and other Industrial Equipment Specialists are ready to help you
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Lift seems to be working after charging all night. I still am doubtful of bad batteries or low charge. Can you please provide instruction on how to test them. I do have a multintester available to me but I do not know much about electrical systems.

Thank you.

use the meter to check the battery voltage after charging and after use. Batteries should be within .5 volts of each. Any battery that is above or below the others, would be a problem.

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