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spankyjr1, Journeyman
Category: Industrial Equipment
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Experience:  I worked on all types of equipment semis,forklifts,farm,ect.
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I need to have nuts/bolts on a disability device made so they

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I need to have nuts/bolts on a disability device made so they do not come off (that can be done, either sodering, or approrpriate washers). I can only find auto mechanics on line in my area (that is where a telephone book was superior. You could find a shop that does this work, because I had to find one before). Can you suggest what title to look for? Thank you.
Hi and welcome

Please take a look at make and modal# XXXXX equipment your talking about and I will locate for you.

I do the all the work on my mother in laws stuff and can always come up with a way to fix.

Are you going to fix yourself if I give you some simple directions?

What part keeps coming loose?

If you want a repair facility can you Please provide me with you zip code so I can find a local place close to you.

PLEASE leave a space in between numbers or our system will think it's a phone number and block it with xxxxx's.

Thanks spanky

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you. I cannot provide the manufacturing information for privacy (theirs) reasons. Any rollator you find on search string is pretty much what I have. This is steel frame and main problem is with use (and not much of that) the nut bolt come apart. There are six. Two holding the wheels in place and four on the A frame. The technician said once to me if THIS screw comes loose, it will collapse. I think I can send an image of that and the other without violating privacy issues. If you want that. For an ordinary application, I would rely on a split, or antilock (American thread), but wanted to be sure since the company will pay to have a mechanic weld the screws in permanently. I wanted to hear what a mechanic in the area had to offer, but cant speak to one I cannot find.

Thanks for info Chris.

This can be a very simple fix for you to do yourself if you like, this stuff is what the professionals use on all vibrating or bumpy machines ( even Harley Davidson motorcycles use this stuff and you know how much they vibrate).

Just copy and right click to open in new tab so you can still view this.
It's under 5 bucks and you can purchase from any auto supply or hardware store.

Just take out 1 bolt at a time and apply the blue loctite to bottom 1/2 of threads on bolt or nut and put back in, just turn hand tight until you have done them all,then go ahead and tighten all down and that's it, they will not come loose again.

Then if they ever need to be removed they can be but will have to use a wrench all the way out instead of once you brake loose you can usually take out the rest of the way by hand.

If you want to bring in or have someone do this look under medical equipment repair,here is one example.

If you need anything further even after rating you can still reply to this link for about 30 days.

If you have any future question that you would like me to help you with this is my link.

I'm usually online from about 6am -6 pm if you have any questions just let me know.
If you have no more questions Please ether accept or rate ok or higher.
There is no extra charge for this and is the only way I get credit for my time.
Thanks and have a great day spanky


I would be more then happy to help.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

You are one of the better experts! Thank you. I will get the loctite AND the (probably Belville) washers.


As to Vandenberg, thank you, XXXXX XXXXX dont think they repair this equipment. I live in NYC, 10011, If you happen upon the title I would look up for someone to weld something (not solder. I have that), please let me know. Thank you again.

Good Morning Chris,
first on the washers you want to use, you would be better off using either internal or external star washers. (they have teeth that dig in to the bolt head and whatever they go against )

Here is a picture of washers

You don't want to use a regular split one, the other two would be better for your application along with the loctite.
Belville washers won't work for your application, they are used more for a cushion and don't have enough holding power for bumps.

If you use what I said you won't need the welding and your right Vandenberg doesn't do welding but do have replacement parts if needed.
That is the reason I don't want you to weld it,what happens if it broke?
Well you wouldn't be able to replace part and have to purchase a new one because of cost to grind weld off and re-weld.

Here is a link for place that will weld anything that can be welded in your area.

Just click on the square box for a business card that's shows address and phone numbers, I used your zip so should be close to you.

I think you should try other suggestions first if it still will not hold you can always get welded at another time.

Anyway it was very nice of you for the kind words you said about me and I wish you good luck with your project.

If you ever need something you know where to find me.

God Bless spanky


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