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Curtis B.
Curtis B., Technician
Category: Industrial Equipment
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Experience:  Technican turned service manager on multiple lines of equipment used in industry.
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Is there a reason a forklift would fall off its jack 3 minutes

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Is there a reason a forklift would fall off its jack 3 minutes after the steering bearings were replaced? The forklift was not broken. The jacking point had no damage. There was no earthquake. The jack was not in the wrong place under the forklift. The jack was not tilted. There are no photos to send you. My friend had finished and got out from under the forklift 3 minutes before the forklift slid off the jack. I am worried about my friend getting hurt if this ever happens again. Any safety precautions to recommend?

koboma :

Forklift jacks are to be used to lift forklifts, not hold them. Once forklift is lifted .a secondary safety device should be used, a block of solid timber, or a jack stand . NEVER trust a jack, too many times they will fail or will find a way out. Same way with a mast on forklift, never trust one chain to hold mast or in place, always use second safety chain.

koboma :

I have seen results of both. Not a pretty site and can be prevented. But it takes a few seconds longer to be safe.

koboma :

I worked as service manager for large forklift company, and it was policy to use jack and blocks, anything else would get you fired on the spot.

koboma :

Why was only jack being used?


Well, he says he used a block, and I have seen blocks in his work I don't know why the forklift fell off. I wasn't there. He's been on the job for 8 years. I am just a worried lady trying to help prevent future accidents by asking questions.

koboma :

I thought that was the possibility. I just know that when working on a forklift or any other heavy equipment, you can't be too careful. One of out other branches lost two techs to accidents that could have been prevented. One was from a mast that had been chained for a week and the chain broke and fell. Why would chain break after that long???? Have a great day, be safe.

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