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DamienBosco, Attorney
Category: Immigration Law
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Is there a lawyer online?

Customer Question

Is there a lawyer online?
Submitted: 8 months ago.
Category: Immigration Law
Expert:  Lucy, Esq. replied 8 months ago.


I'm Lucy, and I'd be happy to answer your questions today. I'm online now.

What can you tell me about your situation? What questions do you have for a lawyer?

Customer: replied 8 months ago.
what kind of green cards are available for a mexican?
Expert:  Lucy, Esq. replied 8 months ago.

I'm afraid this question was posted in the business law category. I'm going to get you to an immigration lawyer. Please do not reply, as that can cause delays. Good luck.

Expert:  DamienBosco replied 8 months ago.

Hello. New expert here. My name is***** am an attorney. Generally, there are three ways to get a green card:

(1) Family based greencard. If you are a first-degree relative of an adult US Citizen or a spouse/unmarried minor child of a greencard holder you may be eligible for a greencard. Parents and spouse of a US citizen get their greencards immediately, all others need to wait in line.

(2) Employment based greencard. You can get a greencard based on a permanent job offer from a US employer. The employer is the one who needs to file the application. This is commonly done when you've been working for that employer under a temporary working visa (though it's not mandatory). In relatively rare cases, self-sponsorship is available (based on "extraordinary ability").

(3) Asylum. Political asylum/refugee greencard to those persecuted in their home country.

We can continue to discuss if you would like to do so.

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