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Need to know if Ryszard Hofmanoudeth from Poland legally

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Need to know if Ryszard Hofmanoudeth from Poland legally changed his name legally to Ryszard Hofman or just americanised his as is the custom in the US Polish community. Is he using an alias illegally? I have found him usinf 4 alias oin public records but I need to know if he legally changed his name once in the US and is he a US citizen or a legal alien?
Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Middle name he is using is Jerzy or sometimes just J. or E.....He uses Richard as a a/k/a as first name as well... Uses these different last name alias: Hoffman, Hofmann, Hoffmann, Has lived in 4 different homes in 6 years in Urbandale, Iowa a suburb of Des Moines capitol of Iowa.....Used to be in USSR/Polish Army as communications personnel... Was arrested by Polish Authorities in 2010 for a 20 year old felony...He jumped bail and gave the authorities my personal info as contact and I keep getting called from Warsaw looking for him....I know he could not just leave Poland for apprx 3-5 years for military debriefing first!!!! Sent his family to US first then after being debriefed he came to the US...I suspect he is still wanted by Polish authorities using my info to hide behind....
Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Age 53 born in March Current address*****, Urbandale,IA 50322 Married to Elwira or Elwera.....i have seen his Polish passport using Ryszard Hofmanoudeth but believe has US VISA in name of Ryszrad Hofman...Have seen legal documents where he uses a/k/a Richard...To my knowledge he has never legally changed his name... I believe this for it would leave a US paper trail for Polish Authorities to track him...He is known as Hofman in US and Hofmanoudeth in Poland...I have found that Hofmanoudeth seems to be common Polish name and searched US social media and found over 50 people using US name Ryszrd Hofman but list in their personal info their last name as Hofmanoudeth from Poland...If he has ann US VISA using Ryszard Hofman as his name on it, does this means that he has legally changed his name in the US or is is US VISA fraudulent because he did not use his real Polish name of Hofmanoudeth??? I am an inactive US ARMY INTEL and have helped a several time Men,s Single Tennis National Gold Medalist get him and his wife their US VISAS when the American Embassy was caught charging Polish people 250.00USD to apply for US VISA and was SOP to scam the Polish people out of the 250.00USD by turning down their applications and splitting the money between the American Ambassador and his staff for 5 years plus....This guy's first name that he used was Valdech but his real name was Vladamir Walcowich...Vladamir is another common Polish name that is changed informally to a different name and his Polish driver's license has Waldemar Walkowicz which is his real name...I used to be friends the American Ambassador in Warsaw from 2009-2012 for he was from Iowa City,Iowa and we had common US ARMY friends.....I noticed that when when my Waldemar Walkowicz and his wife Grazyna got their US VISAS they only had to show a valid Polish photo ID as proof of there DOB, address, and their Polish DL number was recorded...They did not have to show certified copy of BC plus valid phot ID like here in the US... So I am assuming that the US Polish community are using Americanised names based on fraudulent Polish documents used to obtain US VISAS from my first hand experience in getting lawful Polish citizens their US VISAS..I believe this to be a HUGE problem with illegal immigrants and refugees from the Middle East who probably have no paperwork at all.... So if someone from a different country is able to obtain an US VISA using their fraudulent country's supposedly legal documentation, does this make the names they use on their US VISAS legal and the names that they use on legal government documents such as DLs and court documents??? The US does not seem to be able to keep proper valid paperwork on people from other countries very well!!!!
I am afraid this is something you are asking that we have no access to information about. Thus, there is no way we can check that information.
You can check with USCIS, but if he was a legal alien here then he could have gone to the US court where he resides and filed for a legal name change or he could be using a common law name change, which is not illegal to do unless you are using it for an illegal purpose. Many foreigners with difficult names make a common law name change (alias) so people in the US can pronounce their names easier and that is not illegal.
It is illegal to use fake names to defraud people. However, we simply do not have the tools to look up what you are asking us they are not available. Sorry
Customer: replied 11 months ago.
My wife is Deutsch and has a "Green Card" which she must have along with her Deutsch VISA und US VISA when entering this custom each time we return from overseas. I have traveled with this guy and he has never gone through the customs agents to verify his legal status. My Deutsch wife have has been in US for over 30 years and has to keep renewing her Green Card I believe every 10 years. My Deutsch wife has dual citizenship as well. Both this guy and his wife are both from Poland and I have traveled with them many years. Never have customs detained them like they have done to my Deutsch wife to inform her when her Green Card was due to expire each time. I have 6 years of US criminal and civil law and have not been able to find anything on common law names let alone they being legal to use on and in obtaining official federal documents???? The only common law I know of that is accepted is common law marriage. To my knowledge to obtain a FFL by a foreign, even if you are naturalized US citizen or become an US citizen legally, one must use a legal US recognized name to due so. From US ARMY INTEL experience traveling covertly and overtly from behind the Iron Curtain countries, which is where current day Poland emerged from, my today travels from Poland to the US with Polish people, who use their real Polish names, are closely scrutinized by the customs agents when entering the US!!! Unfortunately Poland has been taken over many times in the 20th century! There are four main distinct group of Polish citizens that exist still exist today. They are the Polish Russian speaking community, Polish speaking community only, Polish Deutsch speaking community, Polish English speaking community, and then there are a mix of the fore mentioned communities!!! The Polish Government is a very mixed one with government officials from different communities! They do not put much attention to how the Polish people speak or change their names at will!! There is a very large of the Polish people since WWII and USSR occupation that have committed crimes against the Polish state and change everything from their names at will, misspell the city/village that they are from, to Poland's legally recognized regional names!!! I find it difficult to get official documents to use in Poland because there are so many different names in use by Poland's local governments. Even published detailed demographic information documentations on the interior of Poland vastly contradict each other!!! Ever since Poland broke away from the USSR the US has pretty much taken a blind eye to Polish immigrants into the US like they are doing with the Syrian immigrants today, very BAD POLICY!!!! Again since this guy and his wife are not routed through customs every time come back into the US, I must assume they only have US VISAS which they must renew every 5 to 10 years or so. It is my understanding in contract law that anyone living in the US, citizen or not, must use their legal name of country of origin!!! I find nowhere that the contract law says anything about using common law names, no references!!! I do find references to legal surnames, legal family names, and legal first names. The law does not let US citizens even use their middle name as their first name on official government documents, like my Uncle's birth certificate first name is ***** ***** everyone has called him Jack all of his life. This does not make Jack is legal first common law name according to my research... The only valid reason that I have been able to come up with for a foreigner to use an alias, not a common law name which I can find no reference of, is that they fled their country of origin because of illegal actions that they have committed in their country of origin and are trying to hide by blending in with US citizens... I have seen Ryszard,s first name listed as defendant as Ryszard a/k/a Richard used before. I have seen his middle initial of either J. or E. used as well. I find your response very confusing considering my finding that I have found over 50 Polish males using the last name of Hofman on social media but in their personal contact information that they list to be used to contact them through the US mail, they use their real Polish names and Poland's today accepted for their regions and towns/villages!!! Something is being overlooked in Us law or is being misinterpreted??? The only reference that come remotely close to the use of common law names is the use when you can and can not use alias names??? Do you have exact US code that can be cited to back up what you have told me??? How does one use the USCIS to verify the status of a foreigner's legal status to include legal US name to be used on official government documents??? The US Immigration Laws or legal status of citizenship does not pass my smell test thus far....No wonder why there are so many attorneys practicing the same micro laws in this country because you can not get any 2 to agree on with the law!!??
Thank you for your reply.
The problem is that we have no idea what he has on his documents and we here at this site have no way to determine the legality of those documents. We are not saying he is not breaking the law or that you have no recourse.
Your recourse is you can report him to USCIS as they investigate immigration fraud claims and they will investigate your complaints, but we simply do not have access or the ability here at this site to know or even find out what his documents say.
If his real name is ***** ***** passport/travel documents, we have no way of knowing. Also, you can actually legally put an alias on your travel documents IF THEY APPEAR WITH THEIR REAL NAME and I know for a fact this happens even with US Citizens who are commonly known by an alias, so they may add their alias in addition to their real name on their passport/documents.
However, all of this is still speculation because we do not have access to his documents or records and you need to complain to USCIS about any illegal actions you believe are taking place.
Customer: replied 11 months ago.
I am 50 % Irish und 50% Deutsch. I believe I am more like 80% Deutsch und 20% Irish because of my name!!! My first name is ***** ***** Chris which is the Americanised version of the Deutsch name of Kris, which is my real name. I have caught government officials using Chris on official documents und had to correct them with them saying "Thank You Very Much" by using Chris would have made the document void!!! Likewise with my last name which is Zimmer which is directly translated into the English word of "room"!!! My last name is ***** ***** all over Deutschland even in small villages which use Zimmer Frei signs meaning free room for rent!!!! One can stay in small villages inst Deutschland and spend very little to travel all over Deutschland!!! Even Deutsch customs agents make fun of me saying "You are very famous person inst Deutschland, Ja?" I have had first hand real world experience with the use of alias or so called common law names which means to me if you simply use a name for a period of time it becomes a legal name. This really
I am not disputing any of what you are saying at all.
In the US, using a alias for a period of time NEVER MAKES IT YOUR LEGAL NAME, you have to go to court to legally change your name. Using an alias is just that, using a different name other than what appears on your birth certificate. That is not illegal and in fact USCIS makes provisions for it by allowing someone to ADD their alias along with their real name on USCIS documentation.
So, if you believe this person has not followed the law and is using fake names, you need to report it to USCIS.
Customer: replied 11 months ago.
makes no sense. Reason why is when you get a US VISA, or generally any VISA or other Federal Government controlled documents, you must provide a certified copy of your birth certificate plus a legal photo ID to obtain such legally controlled documents. I know all about the use of falsified documents to obtain legal documents for whatever country you are trying to identify yourself with. In my special job I have had several authentic government controlled documents for several different countries!!! This is the reason for my confusion in what you are saying for does not the US law have to conform with Internationally recognized laws that are not deemed unconstitutionally illegal??? It still appears to me that there is no reasonably accepted Us or even State law that appears to have generally accepted interpretation used by the US courts across the gambit of types of laws contained in Federal und State laws/codes??? it appears to me that case history the main source of interpretation used by the US courts. In other countries it appears to me that it is up to each individual judges own opinion as to what is acceptable at that point in time!!! I do not know!!! It appears to me that any US attorney can make a pro case or a con case as to the legality of what you call common law names which you are the first attorney to use such a term??? All my adult life the term alias is being used by the courts and the law enforcement agencies... I am really confused between my real world experience and the theoretical law world....
Thank you for your reply.
I am sorry, but you are arguing with me and I have no benefit of seeing his documents nor the ability to access them. So you are wasting your time arguing with me. You are angry I can tell by your post, but as I told you in the beginning without seeing his documents we cannot do anything but speculate and legally we have no access to his documents.
You also misunderstand US law as well. We have no clue whether what he is doing violates the US immigration laws. Case law only supports US codes.
I am not going to just keep speculating with you and have you continue to be angry with me when none of this is within my control and I have no clue what this guy did or is doing as I have now told you several times.
You are confused perhaps by trying to apply the laws in black and white when in the US many of these laws have other provisions in the codes and regulations that create exceptions or clarifications. But again, you and I are both speculating because neither of us know what this guy is doing and neither of us have access to his actual documents or records.
Customer: replied 11 months ago.
how does someone contact the USCIS to inform them that they have a very probable wanted International Felon living in the US and needs investigated??? I can not conduct investigations on US soil nor it's territories...I have been in the Us courts and by using case history I have been successful in changing law and simplifying certain laws. This is not my life's work nor do I like it! I understand why people from other countries want to come to the US because our laws are so convoluted with one exceptions, which should not be there, it just makes needless jobs for attorneys which we have too many of so they have to do work on changing existing laws to meet the needs of the clients that they take on...I always thought that America was a land of constitutional laws and laws that are made up to suit attorney's needs at a certain point of time!! It is only common sense because of this, there is a clear understanding why our laws are so ambiguous and way, way, way too many of them!!! So how do I utilize the USCIS and navigate through their system of laws without it taking several years to do so??? I have already gone to the FBI with hard evidence and their response was we are more concerned/busy with Terrorism Threats and not illegal immigrants breaking US laws!!! Pretty pathetic attitude for a sister agency to take!!!! Yet Americans are called upon by these same people to bring suspicious activity to their attention so that they can investigate!!! I am afraid that is what I am going to run up against with the USCIS agency today as well given the inaction taken to date by the Obama administration on this issue!!!! So what good are attorneys in your micro frame of the US law today??? Nothing you can make stick, but you can do a lot of talking that goes no where!!! nothing against you personally but I have been exposed to so many different country's laws, that the US laws appear to be corrupted by attorneys!!! What ever happened to the "KISS" principle anyway???? "KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID"???? I remember a time in our history that simple and precise was the best avenue to take??? If you have made use of the USCIS and have received favorable responses, then I can use your true and tried guidance!!! If not opinions and words without actual US codes to use and cite are of no help to me...Real world first hand positive experience is always better than theoretical comments that might be true...Facts speaks volumes, words speak allegations, is the common phrased used in the attorney world??? I have very little faith in words. I need irrefutable US codes und upheld case history to refer to. This is the type of information that I was hoping to use as well as real world experience in successfully negotiating the USCIS. I am sorry for injecting my real world experiences into our conversations but they are real and had positive outcomes for me. I am caught between a rock und a hard place because I know the action that I can bring to bear outside the US but I am very limited inside the US!!! This IS very frustrating to me for our laws do not make common sense but counterintuitive sense!!! I hope that you have some real facts that are useful for me.
thank you for your eply.
Everything you have said is a guess and we cannot guess at any other codes, but Immigration fraud comes under 18 U.S. Code § 1546, Fraud and misuse of visas, permits, and other documents.
You can report immigration fraud to the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement division at 1-***-***-****.
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