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Judith Ludwic
Judith Ludwic, Immigration Lawyer
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How to expedite retrieval of US citizenship certificate?

Customer Question

I had a question regarding the N-565 process. My mother is a US citizen through naturalization. However, she lost her certificate. I am currently stationed overseas and she planned to visit me in Japan in November. She needs her certificate to buy her passport. We booked flights and hotels without knowing the process can take up to 6 months. Is there any way to expedite the process of retrieving her US citizenship certificate so that she can retrieve her passports to visit me?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Immigration Law
Expert:  Judith Ludwic replied 1 year ago.
The USCIS does have a means for her to request an expedite when filing the N-565.

Here is the link to the Expedite Criteria which she would appear to meet - severe financial hardship and also missing the opportunity of seeing her child who is currently serving in active military duty abroad.
href="" target="_blank">
If you have not filed your application yet, and you want to request it be expedited, you will need to file the case by using express mail courier service and include your expedite request and any supporting documents with the application package. If you have already filed your application, please call our toll free number at 1-***-***-**** for assistance. Also a great source of assistance is after filing and requesting the expedite her US Senators' offices have special staff to assist with government agency matters.
This is their job so do not hesitate to use this asset. The link to the Senators homepages can be found here
href="" target="_blank">
Each home page will have a link for assistance with government agency matters and then more specifically immigration. Your mother will have to execute the office's Privacy Release instructions and submit her request visa the online method. (you may do this for her but she has to sign any release and send it or scan and email it as per instruction). They generally respond within a week to 10 days, bearing in mind it is summer recess and staffers take vacation during recesses. They will put in a Congressional Inquiry on behalf of the Senator. This usually helps expedite requests, and I would stress your military attachment in the request.