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I was arrested felony (grand theft) a bad check (though I

Customer Question

I was arrested for a felony (grand theft) for writing a bad check (though I paid back the money to banks even before I was arrested) on 1994(This incident was CMT I confirmed it with UCIS). The charge was reduced to misdemeanor 1, I had plead guilty and had 28 days jail time with 14 days suspension. On 2000 I was arrested for a shop lifting for 50 dollar items. Had finger printed and released. No Plea guilty, No judge (checked with 4 attorneys) Did 16 hours community service. Case was dismissed and all records were expunged. I got my Green Card on 2001 by disclosing all the incidents and submitted all court papers. Since then I had traveled overseas 17 times and every time I had to pass through secondary inspection. I successfully renewed my 10 year Green card on 2011. on 2016 January I submitted N400. I On first week of Feb I had my finger print done. Since then Nothing changed. Everyone I know submitted N400 on Jan in my local District already have oath. What make worse I have a very common Muslim name (I am also from Bangladesh, a small muslim country). I called Uscis several times and also went Infopass. All I heard from I/O that my background check is not complete yet. Now my question is what should I be more responsible for this delay: My criminal record or Muslim name (CARRP) or Both. Does it make send to file WOM at federal court though I have criminal past after 1 year anniversy of my N400 submition? I have a lawyer assinged to this case and another one is just as an advisor. Both have totally different approach. One said i should not go to federal court after a year to complain about USCIS delay since I have criminal record , another says I must go to fedearl court, otherwise it will be a never ending case. Advice Requested.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Immigration Law
Expert:  Expert James replied 1 year ago.

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Please allow me some time to review and consider your question, and prepare an appropriate response.

Expert:  Expert James replied 1 year ago.

I cannot advise you as to whether you should go to federal court or not. I am only allowed to provide you with general information.

Keeping that in mind, what is your specific question?

Expert:  Expert James replied 1 year ago.

I see you requested a phone call, but the payment failed. Someone from customer service will contact your shortly, to deal with the billing issues. Please be patient as they do so.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Sorry, May be I should not have this complelicated case here. Sorry
Expert:  Expert James replied 1 year ago.

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