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I sumitted my N400 application along with the fee of 680$,

Customer Question

I sumitted my N400 application along with the fee of 680$ , the problem is that I just got a letter indicating that my check was returned , what should I do next ? What's gonna happen to my application , I also got my finger print appointment . Thank you
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Immigration Law
Expert:  Legalease replied 1 year ago.

Hello there -


Unfortunately, the entire application N400 will be rejected for failing to send the appropriate fee. You probably have not received the notice yet on the rejection. This means that you will have to start the entire process of preparing and filing the N400 and sending it with the proper payment. If this was an issue with your bank, then I suggest that you send a money order or postal money order in for the payment of the fee so that there will be no further bank issues and you can contact the money order issuer to provide you with proof that it was cashed by USICS. If this is a matter of the form being confusing and not being able to figure out the correct amount to send for the payment of the form, then you should contact***@******.*** -- apparently that is the group that handles problems with fees for government documents, including immigration. -

I suggest that if you have not received a rejection from USCIS regarding the N400 fee issues before your fingerprint appointment, then you should appear at the fingerprint appointment. That way, if you are required to file the N400 all over again, you will have one step of the process out of the way. However, if you do receive a rejection, then contact Immigration regarding whether or not you should appear for the fingerprint appointment or if you should wait until you file a new N400 with the correct filing fee.


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