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Recently I applied and was granted a mexico permanent visa

Customer Question

hi recently I applied and was granted a mexico permanent visa in my passport.. went to INM did the fingerrints was Accepted and waiting for the card.. I paid a person to represent me after about 40 days checking on the INM website for a "Status" got the same info paid.. epediating my card.. I sent my rep to check and he sent an email "not INM" application denied and have 20 days to "voluntarily depart from here.. I am not on the guard***** *****st and have no sex offences at all I do however have a prior felony from 2002 but have lived here for a number of years on tourist visas and wanted to live correctly.. I have probably spent over $340k through the years here and have bills ai asked my rep if I can get a hearing and he just dropped me because he is not a licensed atty so I am meeting with other real atty's and probably try for humanitarian visa with a good record since the felony years ago? any ideas would be appreciated (some people stated until I get a denial notice through the INM that my current entry visa is valid until expiration but I do have a doctor appointment in December and might have to get off a watch list that I was never on before trying to do the lgal way of living all I want to do is be able to return to my home I am getting to old to start over and too tired for it (this will be my last fight in courts and life probably) thanks sorry if I misspelled or lingered I am a 100% disabled veteran and this does not help me with hypertension at all
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Immigration Law
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I did the probation. was released from federal prison early (never did the year and a day because was allowed to get out early for my dads funeral) there is just the 1 felony years ago 2 mistermeaners and probably a DUI in around 96' but I think that got dropped was never a felony... I have bills in my name in mexico can show bank statements for all years showing money spent in mexico my record is spotless since the 1 felony and when I used paid sites for a background check it shows that except 1 person with a similar name in northern California where I can prove it is not me I am having a sherriff police report from the USA delivered to me in mexico (notorized) showing a clean record also I think I am entitled to at least a hearing in mexico for immigration issues? I doo exceed the income requirements I am thinking of what I can for mitigation factors on my behalf along with letters from friends and possibly buying into a business as a partner to further connect for it?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
also the person I paid to translate did the Spanish online forms for me and did not have an opertunity to go through the questions individually he might have lied on the online form as far as having a criminal record and my intentions were never to lie for any reason and to live a normal life in mexico when the Mexican consulate didfingerprints I was granted an entry visa (same for INM fingerprint cards in mexico) I have no response from any1 and am thinking go in there with a lawyer (friend has connections) I have not committed any crimes here so I should be ok I think
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
to clarify people say unless the mexico INM sends me an email or notification then my current 90 day visa will be valid till it expires. the person I hired might be on a fishing expedition (he is not licensed) and proffessionals I talk to feel it is just a waiting game with the Mexican INM to get the card printed.. but it is a heart stopper for someone trying to live correctly no longer under the radar with tourist visas through he years
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
here is exactly what I see when I check the Mexican immigration website about my status (I am omitting personal data about me)NUT: xxxxxxxxxxxxÁrea a cargo: Delegación Federal en Baja CaliforniaResolución: Sin ResoluciónExpedición de documento migratorio por canjeDatos personalesNUE(my NUT number) it is a number assigned to my name they say for approvalApellido(s)(my name)Nombre(s)(my name)Nacionalidad (País)Estados Unidos de AméricaSexoHombreFecha de nacimientoxx/xx/19xxLos estatus del trámite son los siguientes:FechaEstatus TrámiteUbicaciónxx/xx/2015 El trámite ha sido registrado Delegación Federal en Baja California
xx/xx/2015 Ha sido asignado el tipo de trámite Delegación Federal en xxx xxxxx
xx/xx/2015 Un pago ha sido registrado Delegación Federal en xxx xxxx
xx/xx/2015 Se emitió oficio Delegación Federal en xxx xxxx
xx/xx/2015 Registre los datos para la expedición de su documento migratorio Delegación Federal en xxx xxxx (these all have the same date I did not hesitate to pay them and go there and was looking forward to getting the card after years of using a "tourist" visa
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
UPDATE I am about to hire an attorney in mexico through a friends wife that ha a connection with "humanitarian" legal services for immigration in mexico (I guess possibly amnesty international but hop not because I heard bad results from them in mexico) I can NOT wait my time is ticking I made a list of all possibilities that I can think of right down to FOIA requests from Interpol (BOP should not have placed me on a list) to CBP (I have No issue with them) I am getting old records delived to mexico from sherrif (clean record notorized) federal PO report letter of completion... criminal police report in mexico (lack of notorized) old band statements up to 12 yrs old showing I spent over $320k living here through the years... referral letters from "honest" citizens of mexico I WANT A INM mexico immigration hearing my conviction was transporting undocumented workers as a passenger in a vehicle BTW.. and it turns out that they have been documented all along and are now USA citizens from what I found out years ago PLAN B is to give up on mexico if it is no longer cost effective to try the courts or voluntary deport myself try getting tourist visas again (no crime asking to visit for 180 days) or just collect a form of SSI on top of my VA disability move to florida get another boat maybe a sea-plane island hop and use my VA eligibility to buy another house (VA eligibility is still open for me) I do not want to start over and certainly NOT in the USA as an American citizen I have had enuf because I was DECLARED DEAD (no joke) 3x with DFAS within the VA system and took up to 6 months to get a status of being "alive" again sorry for the long pos but if any1 has ideas about mexico government INM on this subject your advice will be appreciated thanx in advance
Expert:  Judith Ludwic replied 1 year ago.

Your question is posted in US immigration law category and there are no Mexican law experts in this category to answer your question.


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I have no clue how to "post" in a different category or even know if there is an option for that (I get it honestly like most things it is not in my hands) thank you for notifying me about this (it is just too bad I am over my head again)
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 1 year ago.

Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking for educational purposes only.

Under Mexican immigration law, for a Mexican permanent resident visa there is no mandatory prohibition against issuing it to you as long as your probation is completed. So, you have a right to appeal any denial of your permanent resident status in Mexico and based on your prior felony. I do not of course know why they are denying you and we cannot find that out through this site but if you hire an immigration attorney in Mexico they can find out and pursue your appeal for you.

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