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15th Jan, 2008 to 31st April, 2009 – 1 Employer 1st May,

Customer Question

15th Jan, 2008 to 31st April, 2009 – 1 Employer
1st May, 2009 to 31st May ,2009 – 2nd Employer
2nd employer informed me about termination on 24th June, 2009 saying that he terminated me from 1st June 2009 (back dated termination date) & not till now not provided me experience letter where I can’t show my employment history & on 24th July 2009 I went back to India.(So here 1 month 24 days I was without pay & no pay statements also there).
17th Feb, 2010 to 14th May, 2010 (Came on B1 & went back)
24th June 2010 ( came back on new H1B with new H1B stamping)
In above case while filling I-485 & in G-325 I have shown last five years of company starting from 17th Feb, 2010 to till now
1. Does my 2nd employer experience where I was not paid will affect me (1 month 24 days) due I don’t have pay stuff for that period & please note I went back to India after this incident on 24th July 2009.
2. What need to in five years’ experience in G-325 section along with I need to file G-325 amendment also showing all my previous experience & does will effect on I -485?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Immigration Law
Expert:  Expert James replied 1 year ago.

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