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I am from the United Stated I wanted to verify a person I

Customer Question

Hi I am from the United Stated I wanted to verify a person I have been in contact with in India Mambi. How do I do this?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Immigration Law
Expert:  Zoey, JD replied 1 year ago.


People who ask this question are usually involved with an internet romance that they want to check out. Short of hiring a private detective to go over to India and physically check government records and address information and so on, there's not much verification that can be done from here. That's because while in the US we have laws that favor that records be made publicly available, that it not true, or true only to a much lesser extent, in foreign countries.

However, if you give me more information about this person, I may be able to help you. If he is some kind of a scammer, his behavior will conform to the typical scammer's profile. Please tell me how you met this person, the nature of your relationship, what he or she has promised to do for you/with you, and why you are suspicious of him. Give me what details about him you have.

If this is an online romance, and he's asked you to wire him money, tell me that as well. If you have photos of him you can upload with your reply, that would also be helpful.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I understand the laws here differ from another countries but after all has been said and done I do believe the United States and India have an extradition treaty allowing this person if they have committed a crime to a extradited. Let me get right to the points requested for starters. The person's name is***** living in India city:(Mumbai) We met actually while she had just completed getting here flying licensing in the Philippines. Understanding I had just been ripped off by a Philippine woman after seeing notes on the internet (some how some way) she expressed comfort to my fall.We started talking she indicated her captain introduced to her a business he had been involved in for years (harvesting prawns) renting a pond stocking that pond, engaging a team of professionals to manage the growth, of infant prawns until they reach maturity as for an agency would purchase these prawns (ice, harvest, pack, size, prepare for shipment etc.) She had invested enough monies to pay the rental on a (pond of water set up for this very type of business. Half way through this process her main funds had been stolen by a Philippine woman ( a friend's girl friend who stay with her until her boyfriend returned from a family visit).We talked about my misfortune and as time went by became friends. She told me of her misfortune as well with the business. I offered to team up with her to see if enough monies could bee raised (acquired, borrowed etc.) Foreign projects were more difficult to bring local investors in on because they could not feel touch go see the land etc. so in time we just chalked the money spent for the (pond rental a lost). As she is sustaining there she had little to no money because of the theft. As a friend I assisted her (meanwhile her parents are looking at while is she still there?) She received here flying licenses over a year ago) at that time. We were both hopeful I could find the money to continue the process for the harvesting development. No takers, no bites. According to here her VISA had lapsed and became invalid. So now we face yet another hurdle as time when by it got into the thousands (US dollars) to pay for al fines fee's etc.) Her parents told here if she did not come home already having been gone for well over a year and a half acquiring her flying license (they were going to come and get her) again we were hopeful I would get enough money to pay her visa current (renew) and get the business off the did not happen. So according to her her parents came stayed for a little while as she explained she had a partner seeking final fee's needed to launch our project (after time went by nothing happen so tickets were purchased for the return home) More of a wait and see (they were not willing to wait there in the Philipines to see the outcome).So in order to maintain "face" in good standing faith her parents she vowed to pay the money back from the proceeds of the (prawn harvesting) development. which took a nine month turnaround. I eventually sent her the money so she could show her stay was not in vain and between her and here partner (me) here is the money owed you for paying money clearing out the (VISA). Upon here arrival back into India her parents began to make demands they were going to be matching her up with someone. There were three candidates (the one resent was the final one the parents had chosen and she totally rejected) In my first information packit sent previous to this follow up I explain (more in detail all the particulars) not need to repeat. (see prior document). I will provide information identifying the individual .Name: Surbhi Chauhan
address: 109/2055 Samta Nager
Marharashtra IndiaPhone number : 011919769217771Company she worked for: Reliant or Reliance
Position: PilotBanking information: ICIC Bank of India
account number: 102101510321I can forward banking addresses I found information for in my next correspondence. My request is this be turned over or communicated to a a legal source in India (attorney, real estate, law enforcement etc.) communication with immigration (as well) place departure hold on travel (while a case be filed and /or in process) perhaps a criminal case be filed ref: fraud.
Please advise. I need urgent attention on this. Rapid response. Thank you my cell phone number is(###) ###-####
Expert:  Zoey, JD replied 1 year ago.

The US would not have any jurisdiction over any crime not committed in the US. In other words, the fact that a crime was committed against a US citizen is not something our criminal justice system could do anything at all about unless the person who committed the crime did so when here in the US.

You may be able to get the person prosecuted in India or can sue her there as well, assuming that she is real. But you will need an investigator and a lawyer in India who can assist you with this. We do not have legal experts in India, nor are we allowed under the terms of service of the website to represent customers on their actual legal issues or even to refer them to an actual lawyer or law firm who can take charge of their matter. But a good place to start would be the US Embassy or Consulate over in India. They should have a list of reputable lawyers to whom the direct Americans who need legal assistance when in India. You'll be able to get a reliable reference to help you accomplish what you need.

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