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Category: Immigration Law
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Thanks my questions .. I have a few

Customer Question

For Judith Thanks for answering my questions .. I have a few more questions -- 1.Background / Chronology of Events .. a. I have a Old valid LCA certified for Detroit - from Jan 02 2013 - Jan 01 2016. b. Between October 2014 - Feb 2015 I worked at Boston
- a new LCA was filed for this location c. Now I am back at Detroit - and working since March 2015 - New LCA not filed as OLD LCA is still valid Question - Can the Old Valid LCA ( Detroit ) be used to file a H1B amendment petition? 2.Background / Chronology
of Events .. a. The Job Title on OLD LCA ( Detroit) - Systems Analyst , Occupation title - Computer Systems Analyst . b. Job Title on Client Letter -- SQL Analyst /Programmer . c. Job Title on Time Cards - Database Analyst Question :As I will have to use my
old valid LCA ( as new LCA was not filed ) for H1B Amendment. Can the differences in Job title cause serious issues when filing H1B Amendment. 3.Background / Chronology of Events .. a. My H1B Extension has to be filed in October 2015. b. The Old Valid LCA
( Detroit ) - is valid until Jan 02 2016. Questions : a.H1B Extension will be filed for Detroit ( Same Job title/Location ) .Can a new LCA be filed and used for H1B extension? b. If the same OLD Valid LCA ( Detroit ) is used for filing extension will I get
extension only until Jan 02 2016? 4.Background / Chronology of Events .. a. In Oct 01 2009 my FIRST H1B was approved - I left US on Oct 21 2009 .Used only 20 Days. b. Returned back to US after 1.5 years . On Jan 03 2012 - My SECOND H1B was approved. c. My
second H1B was transferred and Approved from Jan 2013 - Oct 2015. d. Therefore In Oct 2015 , when I go for extension I will have used 46 Months of 72 Months SECOND H1B cycle. Question : Can I get ( 72-46 ) = 26 Months ( 2.2) Years Extension?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Immigration Law
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I have attached a file .. I have asked 5 different questions with background / events for each .. Although I wrote separate questions .. seems like the are all combined here .. so I have uploaded a file of questions..Thanks ..
Expert:  Judith Ludwic replied 2 years ago.
I will opt out, under valued.