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Judith Ludwic
Judith Ludwic, Immigration Lawyer
Category: Immigration Law
Satisfied Customers: 28865
Experience:  34 years as practicing immigration attorney, with non-immigrant and immigrant visa experience.
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Judith, you helped with a question about a month ago.

Customer Question

Hi Judith, you helped with a question about a month ago. Here is a new one: I am Canadian originally and have just been to my local USCIS office and have confirmed that I have passed the citizenship test and my case is 100% approved. I am awaiting the
oath ceremony invitation (I am certain of this). I am about to marry a woman from Spain. The lawyer we will be working with to file her change of status says its ok for us to get married now, before I do my citizenship ceremony - it will not interrupt or interfere
with the process. Then the day after my oath ceremony and I am a citizen, she will finalize the docs for my fiance's change of status and submit... its the weekend and I cannot reach my lawyer. IS THIS TRUE? CAN WE GET MARRIED BEFORE MY CITIZENSHIP CEREMONY
and not impact either her change of status or the citizenship ceremony. We want to get married next wednesday in a small private ceremony and my citizenship invite hasn't arrived yet. Can we go ahead without a worry??? This is a critical question! Help!
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Immigration Law
Expert:  Judith Ludwic replied 2 years ago.
In my 35 years I have done many of the same cases and YES you can get married before the swearing in and it will not impact your oath taking.
On the day you are sworn in you will turn in a form that is sent with the notice and you have to update any changes.
You will put on that form your marriage. It is very common. I can't tell you that motivation for citizenship is so frequently based on being able to adjust a spouse. There is nothing wrong with that. It is a valid reason because the law permits it - IR1 or CR1 status, marriage to a US citizen.
Yes, enjoy your weekend planning your wedding.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
thank you! as before you are great!
Expert:  Judith Ludwic replied 2 years ago.
Invite me to the wedding.......LOL
Congratulations on the swearing in and your love in marriage.

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