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I put an offer in on a short sale in the USA and have started

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I put an offer in on a short sale in the USA and have started my husband's immigration paperwork. Do I need to wait to submit his paperwork until I am sure I get the house? Or should I proceed with the house address as my domiciled address in the paperwork?
Hello again. Assuming that you are a U.S. Citizen applying for your husband to get Residency, you don't have to have a house to petition for him. All you have to be able to prove is that your current income is above a certain level. If it is just you and him and you do not claim anyone other than yourself on your income taxes, then if your current income is $20,000 or more, then you should be fine. If all your asking about is the address for the paperwork, you submit all the forms with your current address then IF you get the house, you would submit an AR-11 within 10 days of closing on the house. You can find the AR-11 here:

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

My offer was a cash offer so we have funds in bank accounts. But I do not have a job here in Ireland, my husband supports us. I will be getting a job in the US but not until I move there. So should I apply with our Irish address and submit the form you mention when the home comes through (or mention I am in the process of trying to buy the home somehow)? I remember you said the house is less important than the fact we have been married over 5 years which is to our benefit?

Well, they want to see proof that you will be coming to the U.S. with your husband. Usually that is the case, but they want to see proof of that. So if you do not want to wait, submit copies of the documentation to show that you are purchasing a home in the U.S. If they need more proof of your intent to immigrate with him, they will most likely ask for it.
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