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was living and working in state of Washington Flew out of St

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was living and working in state of Washington Flew out of St Louis to Jamacia and returned to St Louis and was denied entry by customs and immigration citing my P1 was only good to enter USA from northern border{Canada} After cooling my heals for about a hour they let me pass through to continue on to Seattle. I applied for Nexus 6 years ago and was turned down with no explaination except 1996 the year I was in St Louis
What does this mean?
Hi there! Thank you for using this service. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I'll be helping you with your questions today.

So you applied for Nexus and it was turned down, and the explanation was the issue you had in 1996?

And what does what mean?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

when you are rejected they do not give you the reason why except you gave incorrect information. The one thing the custom officer did say Did I try to bring some fruit into the USA Which I said yes as I declared it when I was asked at border was I bringing anything in to the country. I admitted my wife had made a lunch and I did not check it so when I opened the lunch,there was a orange which he took and proceed to pass me through the border. The custom officer said there was something else but she could not disclose it as it was my obligation to answer the questions honestly. Fast forward to present day my wife and 5 yr old son applied for Nexus and were approved. When I attended to verify I was the father of my son they asked me I did not have a nexus and I told them the story and they checked and saw that I had been rejected and all he would say check 1996 which was when I was in St Louis and flew out to jamacia for a holiday and returned to St Louis and hope to connect with my flight to seattle. I was refused entry in St Louis and told I would have to return to Jamacia and fly to Vancouver and re enter the USa by a northern entry point

Hi Robert,

So when you ask "What does this mean" in relation to checking 1996, what, specifically are you asking about? Because it appears to me that the answer is pretty clear - the issue you had while attempting to enter the US at St. Louis caused this problem.

So can you clarify what you are asking?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

does this turnback{which they in fact allowed me to enter in St Louis and continue my trip}count as a violation of customs and immigration?


It would have been a violation if you entered the US illegally. But you did not do that. You were inspected and admitted to the US, and so it was not a violation.

However a negative immigration or inspection experience can and often does remain in your immigration record, and blemishes can render you ineligible for certain benefits. This is probably what happened.

One thing you can do is make a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for a copy of your entire DHS (CBP and USCIS) record. It will have information that would prove helpful to find out what is in there.

Another option is to use the Department of Homeland Security TRIP system: You will get a Redress Number and can file a redress inquiry.

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