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owe a Malaysia attorney $24, 000,

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My friend is in Malaysia he owe a Malaysia attorney $24, 000, for legal fees. He has offered him $12, 500, leaving a balance of $11, 500. The attorney will not accept the $12, 500, he wants the full amount. My Friend does not have access to his bank account in Malaysia. He as promise to pay the balance when he return to the USA. He an the Malaysia has been doing business for years. The attorney placed a No Travel Permit on my friend is this legal.

Hello Jacustomer,

If your "friend" is someone you have met only on line with whom you think you are having a romantic relationship but have not met in person, you have found yourself a bona fide romance scammer.

That's when you meet someone on line who falls in love with you at warp speed, tells you everything that you always wanted to hear, turns your whole world upside down in record time and just when you think you're the happiest person in the world, he suddenly has to go abroad, usually to Ghana, Nigeria or Malaysia, where he has an urgent problem that only you can solve by wiring thousands of your dollars overseas to someone you've never met.

If this sounds familiar, send him no money. He's lying and just looking to steal $11,500.

Step back from how you think you may feel about this person and do some sober thinking. If someone you'd never met walked up to you on the street, told you he loved you and said that he wanted to move in with you and make you the happiest woman in the world but first he needed you to hand over several thousand dollars to pay his legal fees for him, you'd probably think he was crazy and report him to the police. That's because you know that a stranger only asks another stranger for money if they are panhandlers, thieves or lunatics.

It's exactly the same thing on the web. What makes scammers dangerous, however, is that they know how to make you forget that you are dealing with a stranger. They sweep you off your feet so that when they have their first emergency and want thousands of your dollars, you think you're helping out a loved one.

MISTAKE. It's always a fraud. Every internet person is a stranger until you can meet in person and know for sure he is who, what and where he says he is.

Tell him to go to the US Embassy. That's where Americans go when they have problems abroad. They can help to get him access to his money in Malaysia, or failing that, if he's legitimate, his money in the states.

Then cease all contact with him and report him to the police. Do NOT send him any money. YOu will never meet him. He is not who, what or where you think he is, and you'll never see any money you send him ever again either.

If you have the name of his so-called lawyer use the reply tab below and I can check that out for you.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ahmed sameer


Just as I figured -- we hear stories like this several times every day -- there is no such lawyer licensed to practice law in Malaysia by the name of Ahmed Sameer. You can find that for yourself because to prevent frauds like this, bar associations all over the world make it very easy to verify a lawyer from their country.

The Malaysian Bar Association is on line and it is searchable. You can run this so-called lawyer's name for yourself and you won't get a hit. (See link)

If you've spoken to the "lawyer" he's working with your "friend" to cheat you, as scammers work in teams. If you haven't sent him money yet, just report him to the FBI online at, their internet crime complaint center. If you have, report him as well to your local police, as you're the victim of a crime.

Send no money. Refrain from all contact with them.
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