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My husband left me and my children, one of whom we adopted

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My husband left me and my children, one of whom we adopted from birth in June 2012, for another woman and her child. She married a US citizen in April 2011 in Columbia but has been involved with my husband since November 2013. She left her husband in April of 2013. My husband leased her a Mercedes and purchased her a house for $400,000 in May 2013 put it in her name and they basically live together now. I have records of the purchase and pics and video of them moving in together. She may or may not be divorced from her "husband". Either way her and the husband are not residing together as I believe is required by immigration law. Is it possible she can lose her status in the US and be deported? I also believe it is possible my husband may have made an "arrangement" with her husband to continue the "marraige" until the 3 years required to stay married as well.Any info would be helpful, thanks

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So is your question basically whether you have ay standing or way to report this as a possible marriage fraud? And further, what the possible outcomes of a finding of marriage fraud are?

Also, I'm signing out for the night, but I will return tomorrow to continue assisting you.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I want to know if what she is doing is in violation of immigration law.Having her deported I know will be up to the authorities but she left one man whom she was married to for citizenship and money and now is with another man who has more money and destroyed a family as well. My divorce atty has all the info I told you about and if she is violating immigration law all info will be turned over to the proper authorities

Hi Dara,

Sorry for the delay. I was logged off of the system when you responded. This happens from time to time, when customers are assisted at odd hours of the day.

Absolutely, remaining married for the single purpose of gaining immigration benefits is a violation of immigration laws and regulations. She is no longer in a "Good faith" marriage, which s required for gaining immigration benefits from the US.

So yes, it is possible for her to lose her status and be removed from the US.

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