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Judith Ludwic
Judith Ludwic, Immigration Lawyer
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I am a Swedish citizen, that got married in Waxahachie (TX)

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I am a Swedish citizen, that got married in Waxahachie (TX) in 2009. My marriage was a scam and I fled back to Sweden within less than a year (lost/left everything). I never got to use my green-card and was too traumatized by the experience to even file that I was married to Swedish authorities. How do I find out if our marriage is annulled (we have not seen each other for 3 1/2 years)? He has refused to send me divorce papers and says I can never return to the US (for some IRS matter he claims?). I'm a language teacher and have lived in US in the eighties (a green-card holder back then) and my daughter has dual citizenship. At my wits end and in dire need of some consultation. The Am.Embassy in Stockholm can't seem to help me out either. Grateful for any advice that you can offer. Best regards, Lisa
Hello,my name is Judith. Thank you for this opportunity to answer your questions.
I don't want to assume anything.
What do you mean your marriage was a scam?
You married only for the green card?
What was filed with USCIS?
I need more details aobut the alleged immigration fraud.
Is your daughter a US citizen? How old is she?
Thank you.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hello Judith! No, not at all! I married out of love and have no intention to move to the US again or work there (have abandoned my green-card and will not try to renew it). The man I married was only in it for the money (my money). I bought us a big house and provided for more or less everything. He had a change of heart I assume and he turned into a Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde within a few days after our wedding. To make a long story short, he was not the man I married at all. I have not been to the US since Dec. of 2009. I left for Sweden and I have to get a divorce somehow. My problem is that my ex and I are not on speaking terms since my departure (Dec.2009) so, I have difficulty interpreting TX divorce law...i e knowing whether the marriage has been annulled after not being in the same country for 3 1/2 yrs? All I need is a divorce. To answer your question (my daughter is 24 and her father is an American citizen that has resided in Sweden since her birth). All I have is this information from the internet.

004700 TATE EDMOND A 42 RENFORS LISA K 43 01/09/2009 071 EL PASO


Thank you,




Did you get that from the Divorce Index off the TX state website??
004700 TATE EDMOND A 42 RENFORS LISA K 43 01/09/2009 071 EL PASO

It does not appear to have a divorce date there, only your date of marriage 1/9/09.

You do not automatically get an annulment by merely being outside the US and abandoning the marriage.

You cannot file for a TX divorce because you are not resident there. However, you can file for a divorce in Sweden. It is done all the time and the US recognizes foreign divorce as long as it is recognized by the country granting it abroad.

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